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little  eaton,  derbyshire
Graffiti under the A38 bridge in Little Eaton, Derbyshire
As a documentary photography project on the village of Little Eaton I keep an open mind and try and avoid taking a political stance. 

My job is to be an observer and record what I see and leave the viewer to add their own understanding and interpretation of the photographs I make


When a political photo opportunity goes wrong – BBC News

Political Correspondent Chris Mason has been looking back at some of the best and worst photo-ops for politicians past and present.

Source: When a political photo opportunity goes wrong – BBC News

The other day the local Conservative MP shoved an election leaflet through the door, full of obvious staged photos, which reminded me of this. The video on the BBC News does share some of the history of where the staged news event comes from.

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Do It Your Way

There is only one way and that’s your own!


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Derby UK | Playing Chess in the Coffee Shop

It seems a very civet listed thing to do in a coffee shop. Sit back and have a game of chess

3D Press Badges

Wearing one of these press badges can either stop you from being shot or be the reason you were shot.

Wearing them depends where in the world you work, who is fighting who or even if the protesters are media friendly or not.

Tuff call some times!

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Arctic 30

On Saturday Derby Greenpeace supporters held a protest at a local Shell petrol station as part of a national protest that included 73 Shell petrol stations across the country.
The protests are in support of the Arctic 30; two journalists and 28 Greenpeace activists being held in St Petersburg, charged with piracy and hooliganism.

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Bleak Day

Bleak day in the village I live, streets seem to be void of people. It’s like that sometimes

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Stand off

Stand off between two dogs and their owners at Newstead Abbey, Nottinghamshire

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Derby Train Station

While I am waiting for the train

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Storm is Coming

A storm is coming

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Historic buildings

Documentary photography of historic buildings – Warehouse at former Friar Gate train station, Derby England

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Street Fashion

Today I am wearing urban camo

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Street Fashion

Street Fashion - Urban Camo

Today I am wearing urban camo

Street Photography & Street Fashion

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Dog portrait

Molly my new friend

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Street Photography

On a bus

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Riot police waiting

Riot cops in London waiting to clear the convergence centre used by anti capitalists 11th June 2013

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